1. 2009-04-30: AEMRN annual conference at the United Nations, Geneva on 30.04.2009 -Opening session. See the pictures., the background paper and the participants list
  2. 2009: Presentation of AEMRN activities in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) at 2009 Swiss Publication Health conference in Geneva Switzerland. See t
  3. 2008: AEMRN Presenting AEMRN at the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva during the 2008 United Nations Social Forum in Geneva. See the pictures
  4. 2008: AEMRN at Geneva Health Forum, Switzerland. See the pictures
  5. 2008-01-19: Start of the year conference on 19th January, 2008 at Inforama Hall Zollikofen, Switzerland.