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Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The provision of an effective, affordable, sustainable, culturally and regionally acceptable health care for the population globally continues to be a challenging task as disease, poverty, and illiteracy keep affecting the human population in a seemingly non-ending vicious circle.

The efforts of health care providers and scientific researchers in their determination to control the apparently exponential rise of human morbidity and mortality continues unabeited and with renewed zeal.

Hence in this scenario, it is more evident that the provision of better medico-social care for the continuous well-being of the global population should be a multidisciplinary, multicultural, inter-continental and to some extend faith-based approach.

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AEMRN summary of preliminary results of ProVector as presented at the annual symposium on Community Systems Strengthening and Malaria Control...

Recent Projects

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  1. African Children School Project, Bekoko, Cameroon
    The Bekoko African Children School in Bekoko, Cameroon, was established in 1993 by family and friends of Mr. Robert Samo Yokezi, parents and elders of the surrounding villages of Bekoko. During his days in Switzerland before leaving to go back to Cameroon to salvage the school from total collapse, the current head of the institution and President of AEMRN in Cameroon held series of meetings with Dr. Senessie about the plight of his school and pupils. By then AEMRN was just at the planning stage and Mr. Yokezi was very much active in trying to work together with the other members and see the network get off the ground before his departure. The network, however, materialized only in his absence but notwithstanding the members of AEMRN were very much determined to extend their service to this much-needed school for the community and surrounding villages of Bekoko. We very much believe in the project and sympathized with the plight of the parents and children in their quest and zeal to acquire education improve their livelihood.
  2. Sierra Leone, West Africa
    Capital city Freetown : Regent, Mountain Rural District – Multidisciplinary Healthcare delivery Institution South/Eastern Sierra Leone: NGelehun Village, Bo/Kenema highway - Multidisciplinary healthcare delivery system, Agricultural (Food Security), nutrition and educational project Eastern Sierra Leone: Manowa, Peje Bongre Chiefdom Kailahun district – Kpakpahun multidisciplinary healthcare delivery system, Agricultural (Food Security), nutrition and educational project
  3. Afro-European Medical and Research Network Clinic, Monrovia, Liberia
    The people of Liberia in West Africa had long years of civil conflict which ended with the recent conduct of elections and the return of relative stability in the country. The health, educational, social and other institutions however suffered severe skilled manpower and infrastructural losses that may take lots of effort and years to build up.
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