Dr. Yassa Pierre

Dr. Yassa Pierre
Consultant Zambia

Dr Yassa Pierre holds a PhD is married, was born on 31/08/1954 and is of Congolese nationality.

He holds a Masters’ Degree in Medicine ( Dermatology and STD) ( Congo DRC), Doctorate in Humanity (USA) Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion at Howard College /Kwazulu University ( South Africa).

He has also concluded Research studies at University Washington Seattle (USA) Honorary and is lecturer, School of Medicine, Upper Level Course, University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia from 2005 to present.

He is also project director for the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, (US) Cooperative Agreement Number U62/CU023189, Expansion of Reference Laboratory Infrastructure to Support HIV/AIDS/STD/TB from 09/30/2003 to 03/31/2011 at University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

He is also Head of National STIs/HIV Reference Lab and Research intervention University Teaching Hospital of Lusaka, Zambia from 2003-Present.

He is head of Department of Health Sciences at Chreso University in Lusaka, Chairperson of board of HIV Chreso Clinic in Lusaka and Board Member of International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections Africa (IUSTI).