Dr Mohamed Dauda

Dr Mohamed Dauda
President of AEMRN USA

Dr Mohamed S. Dauda, a product of the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), University of Sierra Leone, received his medical degree – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) – in 1998. He spent a year prior to his graduation in the USA due to the then civil war in his home country Sierra Leone.

His determination saw him return to finish his medical education. He then returned to the US to permanently settle there with his wife Mrs Kadiatu Dauda. Both of them are pursuing further studies and career development with great success.

In the USA, Dr Dauda worked briefly as a telemetry monitoring technician whilst he studied for his board exams in Silver Spring, Maryland.

After passing these exams, he was enrolled as a Resident in Family Medicine at the Brooklyn Hospital Centre, Brooklyn, New York. During his studies, he rose to the level of Chief Resident due to his hard work and dedication.

He is currently working with the Eastern North Carolina Medical Group in North Carolina USA with a speciality in Family Medicine.

During his medical school days at COMAHS, Dr Dauda was the Secretary-General of the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences Students Union and member of other humanitarian and social organisations in the college. He was a member of the Voluntary Work Camps Association of Sierra Leone (VWASL), COMAHS branch and lead a group of local and international doctors, nurses, medical and other University students to remote, less privileged areas of Sierra Leone to run voluntary mobile clinics and health education programmes in the 1990s.

He also worked as a volunteer with the medical team during the New York marathon in 2005 and 2006.
Dr Dauda enjoys following European soccer, reading, cleaning and gardening.